Why LG Chem

Total Solution

LG Chem provides a total solution for ESS including cell, module, BMS, and rack based on
strength in material and battery technology.

  • Step1.Material
  • Step2.Cell
  • Step3.Module /
    BMS /


Responsible Sourcing
LG Chem has a transparent material supply chain and participates in the Responsible
Cobalt Initiative (RCI).
Green Manufacturing
LG Chem strives for green manufacturing by using as much renewable energy as possible.
LG Chem responds to global regulations on energy and Green House Gas reduction in
a proactive manner, and minimizes Carbon Footprint.
Eco-friendly Reuse/Recycle
LG Chem is active in reuse/recycling process of
batteries after usage.
Battery Use
3rd Party Partner
Recollect & Inspect
Suitable for Reuse? 3rd Party Partner
Recycle Material
LG Chem
Battery Manufacture


Chemical Expertise
LG Chem features world class battery technology, made possible by 70 years of expertise in chemicals.
As a chemicals-based company, LG Chem’s level of battery quality is
ensured to be top-notch.
Proven Technology
LG Chem is the global leading supplier of Lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles with more than
2.7M xEVs on road with zero field safety issues.

Global Production

LG Chem is successfully implementing rapid go-to-market strategies across
its wide range of global networks.

  • Michigan PlantUSA
  • Wroclaw PlantPoland
  • Nanjing PlantChina
  • Ochang PlantKorea


Compactness & Long Lifespan

LG Chem’s L&S (Lamination & Stacking) process minimizes dead space, enables higher energy density,
and enhances the sustainability of cell structures.

  • LG Chem : L&S

    More active space

    Others : Winding
  • LG Chem : L&S

    Stable cell structure
    after cycling

    Others : Winding

LG Chem’s SRS®(Safety Reinforced Separator) increases
the mechanical and thermal stability of battery cells.


(Safety Reinforced Separator)

Separator technology
with nano-coating of ceramic particles

Nano scale
Ceramic particles

Nano porous
Poly olefin film

For a comprehensive view of LG Chem’s business, please visit www.lgchem.com

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