What is an ESS?

Energy Storage System(ESS) is a system that can store energy. Simply put, it is a huge battery.
The ESS provides solutions for applications throughout the power supply system including Grid-scale, C&I (Commercial and Industrial)
and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Its main applications include Peak Shifting, Renewable Integration, Frequency Regulation and Power Backup.

Application of ESS

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Generation Transmission & Distribution Consumption

Grid-scale batteries are deployed at power plants, substations, or solar/wind farms to provide
capabilities such as peak shifting, renewable integration, and frequency regulation.

  • Peak Shifting
  • Renewable Integration
  • Frequency Regulation

C&I batteries are deployed at commercial or industrial facilities (Offices, Schools, Factories, etc.) to provide capabilities such as peak shifting and renewable integration.

  • Peak Shifting
  • Renewable Integration

UPS batteries protect Internet Data Centers and IT facilities which need a stable stream of power supply.

  • Emergency Power Backup

Grid-scale and C&I

  • Peak Shifting
    Charge during off-peak times
    Discharge during peak times
  • Renewable Integration
    Stabilize the intermittent renewable power by alternately charging and discharging
  • Frequency Regulation
    Charge when grid frequency increases
    Discharge when grid frequency decreases
Grid-scale and C&ILG Energy Solution Key Features
Proprietary self-extinguishing
UL9540A solution
Easy Installation
Battery rack is pre-assembled
in the factory and
then delivered to site
Diverse Product Options
A wide range of module and rack
options to optimally meet
customers’ needs
Small Footprint
Lithium-ion ESS battery with
the world’s smallest footprint

UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Energy Storage System(ESS) can also be used to protect
Internet Data Centers and IT facilities which need a stable stream of power supply.

Normal operation

Blackout : Back-up by UPS Battery

Grid UPS Information
Data Center
Emergency Power Back-up

Provide back-up power stored in a lithium-ion battery during black-out or unstable power fluctuation time.

Secure a stable power supply to :

  • Telecommunication repeaters
  • Base stations
  • Internet data centers
  • Other telecommunication equipment
UPSLG Energy Solution Key Features
  • Extremely Small Footprint (Only 1.1m2 required for 1MW system)
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Proven Safety (UL1973 Listed, CE Certified)
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