Home Battery

A Home Battery can store the extra energy generated from solar panels to use at a later time. Power your home with a Home Battery when the cost of energy is high or during a power outage. You can now be independent from the electrical grid.


Solar panels power your home and store surplus
energy in the home battery

Night / Black out

The home battery powers your home

Why should I have a
home battery?

Utilize your surplus solar energy
Typical homes have high energy demands in the mornings and in the evenings but solar generation is highest mid-day. Without a Home Battery, much of the solar energy would be wasted since there isn’t a high demand for the power in the home. A Home Battery allows you to store solar overproduction in order to use it later on when your energy demands are the highest.
Cut back on your
electricity bills
By fully using your solar energy,
you will significantly cut back on your
electricity bills.
Keep your family safe
Unexpected blackouts seriously undermine your life.
Prepare yourself with a home battery and
keep your family safe.
LG Home BatteryRESU Key Features
Compact Size & Space Saving
The compact and sleek design of the RESU allows you to place it anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors.
Reliable Performance
The RESU provides reliability for your home with its industry leading longevity.
Proven Safety
The safety of LG Chem’s
lithium-ion Battery is proven in the automotive and ESS markets.
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