What is a RESU?

RESU is a home battery brand of LG Energy Solution which stands for Residential Energy Storage Unit.

What are the benefits of a home battery?

(1) Home battery allows you to store energy generated from your solar system. Therefore, If you’re not at home when you solar system is generating power, or if your solar system are generating more energy than what you’re consuming at the moment, you can store the generated energy / left-over onto the home battery and use the energy whenever you need it.
(2) A home battery can supports you during a black-out. You can pull the stored energy out from the battery when the power is cut off. A home battery is a great solution which bright you a peace-of-mind.
(3) If your utility charges you different electricity rates at different times, you can use the battery-stored energy during the times at which higher rate is applied to avoid an increase in your electricity bill.

Can you briefly explain me the steps I would be going through to purchase a RESU home battery?

First, you would contact an installer who are certified to install a RESU home battery. The installer would ask for your home’s historical energy production & consumption data to recommend you a right product option from the RESU home battery line-ups. Installer might visit your home before designing the personalized RESU system for you. Once the RESU installation date is fixed, it would take less than a day to install.

Where can I install a RESU home battery?

RESU can be installed at both sites – inside and outside of your house – as a stand type or a wall mounting type. Please consult with a certified installer to discuss the best spot which best suits your needs and also your country’s regulation.

Can I use a RESU home battery as a back-up power during black-out?

With a right combination of systems, RESU secures you from losing power during black-out. Please contact a certified installer for more details.

What if my home energy consumption pattern changes and the size (capacity, kWh) of my previously installed RESU home battery seems small to me?

The RESU models can be combined up to 2 units to increase energy capacity. Therefore, if you think that your RESU home battery is small, you can expand your home battery with RESU Plus kit for 48V models and a conjunction box for RESU10H model. Please consult with your installer to realize the most optimal expansion of your battery.

What should I do if there’s a problem with my RESU home battery?

Please contact your installer to report the problem. Since the installer who has installed your RESU home battery is a LG Energy Solution’s certified installer, he will receive all the support he needs from LG Energy Solution to fix the problem.

Why should I choose LG Energy Solution over other home battery manufacturers present in the market?

Unlike other home appliances, home battery is a product you would be using for about a decade. Therefore, you need a company who can support you throughout the long period of your battery lifetime. As a result, sustainability of a battery manufacturer is the key. LG Energy Solution has been in the battery business since 1999, and started to produce home battery since 2012. With the accumulated know-hows in home battery business, LG Energy Solution is expanding its home battery business on an average growth rate of more than 190% each year (from 2012 to 2018).

Why should I choose RESU home battery over other home batteries?

RESU home battery is ees Award winning home battery, well recognized for its industry-leading energy density. With the know-hows accumulated from supplying electric vehicle batteries for various car manufacturers such, LG Energy Solution constantly pursues to provide better home battery products to its customers, launching new generation products in two to three years. Not only focusing on the sales, but also on after sales services, LG Energy Solution runs a certified installer program for RESU in which only the trained installers can install the RESU product and the registered installers are fully backed up with the support from LG Energy Solution. Feel free to join LG Energy Solution’s RESU family to enjoy the industry-leading technology.