Why LG Energy Solution


Chemical Expertise
Despite the fact that the lithium-ion battery is a chemical technology, almost no battery supplier has a chemical background. However, LG Energy Solution has its roots in LG Chem which has been in the chemical business for almost a century. From this extensive chemical knowledge, we are able to provide the quality that no other can follow.
Proven Technology
LG Energy Solution is currently the No. 1 global leader in the electrical vehicle battery business. Our technology has passed the tests of 20+ meticulous global car makers including Ford, GM, and Volkswagen. As of 2020, there are more than 4.5M xEVs on the road powered by LG Energy Solution batteries.


01Advanced Manufacturing Process
Over time, the materials inside the battery inevitably expand. This can cause distortions inside the cell and can lead to problems such as shortened life.
However, LG Energy Solution uses the ‘Lamination and Stacking(L&S)’ process to manufacture the cells, where components within the cell are neatly stacked on top of each other. This technology reduces the distortion and enables a stable battery with a longer life.
02Proven Safety
One of the crucial parts in battery cell safety is the ‘separator’, which insures that materials that should not be in contact within a cell remains separated.
LG Energy Solution uses a patented technology called SRS® (Safety Reinforced Separator) to reinforce the separator to withstand even the harshest conditions.
03Extensive Patents
LG Energy Solution was one of the earliest players to enter the lithium-ion battery industry, beginning our R&D as early as 1992 and mass producing in 1999. With this experience we have an unsurpassable technical competitive edge, demonstrated by our 24,731 patents (as of May 2021).

Battery Pioneer

We are the global pioneer in the lithium-ion battery industry

Global Operation

LG Energy Solution is the only lithium-ion battery supplier with global production and
R&D bases in Europe, US, and Asia. Wherever you are, LG is near you.


We head the action against climate
change with renewable energy
LG Energy Solution joined the RE100 and EV100 initiative simultaneously in 2021.
The electricity used by all our global locations will be from 100% renewable sources and
company cars will be replaced with eco-friendly cars.
We CHARGE toward a better future
LG Energy Solution is at full throttle with ESG for our posterity’s environment
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