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Consent to Collection, Use, and Provision of Personal Information

Article 1 (Items of Personal Information to be Collected)
  1. LG Energy Solution, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) collects the following personal information when users subscribe to membership in order to give a reply and provide consulting services for inquires of members.

    1. (a) Trade name of one’s affiliated company
    2. (b) A representative director of one’s affiliated company
    3. (c) Business type(s) of one’s affiliated company (Reseller / Distributor / etc.)
    4. (d) Address of one’s affiliated company (City, Zip Code)
    5. (e) Email address (the company’s representative email)
    6. (f) A representative telephone number of one’s affiliated company and
    7. (g) Number of employees of one’s affiliated company.
  2. While members use the services provided by the Company, the following information may be automatically created and collected:

    1. (a) System use details
    2. (b) SCookies
    3. (c) SAccess logs
    4. (d) SAccess IPs
    5. (e) SAccess device unique numbers (for mobile access) and
    6. (f) SContent of emails communicated between members and the Company.
Article 2 (Purpose of Collecting and Using Personal Information)

The purpose of collecting and using personal information shall be as follows:

  1. Providing customized services to members
  2. Handling complaints of various inquiries and requests of members through identification verification processes or giving notifications, such as improvements, changes, etc. in the services
  3. Providing information and educational materials relating to the Company’s ESS products and
  4. Providing benefits according to sales performance of the Company’s ESS products.
Article 3 (Retention and Use Period for Personal Information)
  1. The retention and use period for personal information shall be a period during which an information subject uses the Internet related services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”) of LG ESS Battery Website ( provided by the Company, and five (5) years from the date when the information subject ends the use of the services.
  2. In the event that the Company does not desire to hold personal information anymore, members may at any time request the Company to delete their personal information provided, however, that the Company shall retain the following information during a period specified for the following grounds:

    1. (a) Items to be retained: emails between members and the Company, types and contents of inquires by members
    2. (b) Grounds for retention: preventing confusions in the use of the services and taking measures against illegal users
    3. (c) Retention period: up to five (5) years from the date when an inquiry is completed handled
    4. (d) Place of retention: the Company’s DB located in Korea
Article 4 (Right to Refuse to Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information)

Members may refuse to consent to the Company’s collecting and using members’ personal information. However, where a member refuses to consent to the Company’s collecting and using his or her personal information, there may be restrictions in whole or in part when the member uses the Internet contents and services provided by the Company.

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